Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

I'm back!

Hey and Servus!

I was on a break and now finally back.
Many things changed in my life. I got engaged, married and now I live with my husband in America. Crazy right? It was all very exciting.
Moving from Germany to America was a huge step and I am still amazed how great everything turned out for us here.

So much for now…
I really want to write and post so much in the future.
Hope I find some travelers to come with me :)!

See you soon! Oh and of course HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Love and Bussi,
Laura xoxo

me in April this year when I arrived in MI 
Derek and me. Our wedding was so wonderful :)
Of course I changed my hair again in May ;)

Some pictures..I will post more very     soon!

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